1. Desktop Nav?
  2. Homepage – What do we do if we don’t have any existing outbreaks?
  3. Virus page headers:
    1. What color background when a virus is not in outbreak?
    2. When in outbreak, do we have more colors to go through beyond red & orange?
    3. What should go above the virus header – there was a background image on the .psd – does it vary from page to page, or is it the same across the site?
    4. What do we do in the case where we would have 2 of these?
  4. Chart Colors for lines, points etc.  Pick 5?
  5. Resources from individual virus pages – Is this a separate page?  If not, perhaps we can separate it out, so that it’s a re-usable element.
  6. Larger question – is there another highlight color to use besides the dark blue? ie the + / – for FAQs section.
  7. Content for How it Works  and About Page.
  8. Content for notes beneath charts.